This is a listing of what you can expect from the goverment in case of an emergency.

Emergency Community Services Usual Community Welfare Services Assistance in Community Restoration ** Aids for recovery to families **
Police Services Financial and medical assistance to eligible persons Repair and replacement of sewage system, streets, and highways. Disaster loans programs, such as those provided by Small Business Adm., Farmers Home Adm.,etc.
Safeguard to public health and sanitation last row, first cell contents Social Services for families, including casework and rehabilitaation services; foster family, institutional, or day care for children; services and care for ared persons, mentally retarted children and others with special problems. Restoration of public transportation and communication facilities. Food stamps and donated foods from Department of Agrigulture.
Special police and fire protection for disaster area. Removal of debris. Disaster unemploinsurance provided by Department of Labor through state unemployment offices.
Idetification and care of dead, including temporary morque. Repair or replacement of public buildings (schools, hospitals, etc.) Temporary housing
Designation of hazardous buildings and areas. Inspection of private property for health and safety. Specialized counseling and advice to families, such as that provided by Public Health, Dept of Agrigulture, and other agencies or departments.
Emergency communication and transportation sevices Salvage of unclaimed property Emergency welfare services to families with children, in some states
State grants for serious and unmet needs

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