DISCLAIMER: Time for a bit of satire. You know it is in your system, this is just for personal reflection. It makes no attack on the quality of SUNY Geneseo as an institution, nor does it wish to (aside from the fact that SUNY Geneseo allows this to continue). But for Geneseo Computer Science Majors, alumni, or people familiar with the general political atmosphere of the department, you may find this stress relieving.

What I learned from My Geneseo Computer Science Experience:


You know you're a Geneseo Computer Science Major when:

  1. "Stealing credit is easier than actually doing the work."
  2. "Getting good grades by kissing up is easier than actually learning or programming."
  3. "Getting a good GPA means leeching off those that know the material and do the work."
  4. "Good personal character is defined by making yourself look better than those that did the work for you."
  5. "Working in a team and doing no work is much easier than doing the work yourself."
  6. "Programming is irrelevant, WE'RE here to study COMPUTER SCIENCE."
  7. "Being politically correct is much better than being correct."
  8. "Ambiguity is our motto."
  9. "As students, we don't know what we want. We take Computer Science at Geneseo to get what we don't need."
  10. "We're the 'Y'ale in Geneseo."
  11. "Real world experience can only be used in the real world. Theory can be used everywhere."
  12. "Everything works in theory: Recursion rules, if I only knew how to do it."
  13. "We're the 'I' in Teamwork."

Characteristics of a Geneseo Computer Science Major: