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a picture of the rainbow bridge rock formation

Lessons from Nature
Nature has been making Nanoparticles for eons.

About Us
     Primet Precision Materials is an advanced materials company with expertise in controlling materials at the micro and nano scales to create new and useful macro effects.

Technology - The Primet Advantage
     Primet's processing technology allows the manufacturing of small particles, including nano-sized particles, out of many diverse materials (including ceramics and metals).
The primary advantages of Primet's unique, proprietary technology are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • High Purity
Experts in the field have called it a "quantum leap" in the state of the art.

Products & Services
     Primet Precision Materials offers:

  • Technology Licensing Opportunities
  • Contract Manufacturing of Small Particles
  • Co-Development Participation
Primet licenses its technology and manufactures fine particles. For licensing opportunities for Primet's fine particle technology, or if you need Primet to develop or manufacture fine particles, please Contact Us.

The World's Most Scalable Nanoparticle Technology

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