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Max Parke

People will pour out the most intimate details of their social life - electronically - to a complete stranger on the Internet. But when it comes to their own electronic details, particularly their credit card and bank account numbers, PIN numbers (Personal Identification Numbers), social security (SSN) numbers and the like, they should be more circumspect. Consider:


are constantly looking for new conquests. Everything you send over the Internet can be intercepted, unless you take steps to prevent it. (For more information see below).


FOR SALE:Small island, downstate New York,
all bridges included.  Price $24.00 firm.
Credit Card, Card #, Expiration:

The "Insecure Information" Alert

If you are using Netscape 1.1, you may receive a message box to warn you about this. You can:

SHOW THIS ALERT NEXT TIME: You can turn off this warning if you find it annoying (I do).
CONTINUE SUBMISSION: Go ahead, remembering whether or not to alert you again next time.
CANCEL SUBMISSION: If you'd rather not send the information.


As you well know, this area is changing fast and anything I publish on it would be instantly obsolete. However, there are some principles:

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