This page gives you an introduction to HTML forms. It contains a sample form which you can fill out and submit to the server.

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Max Parke

Not all Web browsers provide for forms. If yours doesn't, you're out of luck here.

Forms are used whenever you need to obtain input from the user. As many forms as you need can be placed on a single Web page. There are two major features used in HTML forms:


Please fill in the information below, and then click Submit when done. Since this is just a sample form, the information you enter will not actually be recorded.

NOTE:Question 2 is defined as a password entry, meaning that your input will not be echoed.

Question 1:
Question 2:

NOTE: If you submit the form, you may receive a warning message from your browser about "transmitting insecure information". This message alerts you that your transmission could be intercepted by a third party while enroute to the server. For more information, please see the section entitled Web Cash.

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