These pages are here to demonstrate some of the advanced features of the Web.

There's an online game and several other demonstrations, a discussion of confidentiality issues, and finally we check out some of your Web browser's advanced feautures.

My intent in building these pages was to try to find out what the limits of Web technology currently are, with a focus on CGI. Only you can judge if I've succeeded. Everyone should feel free to use them as much you wish.

These pages are not "under construction". If you get any errors, such as "URL not found", etc., kindly notify me at once.

Although I don't keep any logs of who does what, keep in mind that records all Web page access for all users.

I'd very much like to hear from you. Please e-mail <>

Max Parke, KA1RBI
Lodi, New York

p.s. There are no graphics right now (except in the Imagemap CGI and Server push animation demos), so as not to give modem users too much punishment.

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