This page gives you an introduction to image mapping, which allows you to have different things happen depending on where you click on an image.

This example is copied directly from the NCSA HTTPD Documentation, I take no credit for it.

How to use Imagemap (synopsis - using fishmap example):

(Change username to your own unix login username)
1. cd    /home/ftp/pub/username/www
2. tar -zxf /home/ftp/pub/mhp/fish.tgz
3. Include a reference in your html such as:
      <A href="">
      <IMG SRC="fish33.gif" ISMAP></A><P>
      (In this example, the file is index.html.  You
      will have to change the username in this file).
4. Change permissions:
   chmod 644 .htaccess
   chmod 644 *html
   chmod 644 *gif
   chmod 644 fishmap.txt
   chmod 701 .

Note that the fishmap.txt file contains the "mappings" which link where you click on the image to what happens. The regions are defined as polygons, circles, rectangles, etc. You'll have to write a new one for each image you want to map.
Not all Web browsers provide for images or image mapping. If yours doesn't, you're out of luck here.

Try clicking at various points on this image (sorry it's so long).

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