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Announcement for Next Year's Varsity Team:

There will be a summer Shoot-Out Team Lacrosse Challenge camp held from July 11 to July 14 at the SUNY Cortland campus. If there is enough interest, Ithaca will send a team to participate in this camp. The Ithaca team will be coached by JV Coach Mike Seymour. The fee is $235 (a substantial discount for Ithaca players from the regular price).

The camp is being billed as one of the top camps in the North and promises to be great college exposure. The camp will be conducted with a tournament format, crowing a champion in its final contest. Scouting and scouting reports will be strongly encouraged as well as team practices. Top college coaches throughout the country will be refereeing, coaching, and scouting.

The coaching staff will include Ithaca Coach Mark Wenham who will act as the Head Men's Director. Co-Directors will include Coach Hank Janczyk of Gettysburg College and Coach Lelan Rogers of Cortland University.

Please put this date down on your calendars and talk this over with your fellow team members. If you are interested let Coach Seymour or Coach Welch know as soon as possible. For more information check out the website at www.summershootout.com.

Alumni News

The Ithaca Lacrosse Association is looking for alumni members! We are putting together a list of former Ithaca lacrosse alumni and other friends of Ithaca lacrosse who are interested in helping us support our lax activities.

Our goal is to keep interested people up to date on the lacrosse activities in our area and to let you know how you may participate in keeping the program strong.

If there is sufficient interest from former players, the ILA will work towards putting together an alumni game and fundraiser. Interested alumni should fill out a registration form and return it to us as soon as possible.

Fundraising News

As we are a rather new organization, we have not yet organized fundraising events. To help us get started, if you would like to donate to the ILA fundraising efforts, please forward a check payable to "Ithaca Lacrosse Association" for a minimum of $25.00 along with your registration information.

The money is needed to fund a possible annual alumni game and to make a serious contribution to the future of lacrosse in Ithaca. We also hope to open a "shopping center" where we will sell lax clothes to raise funds for the Association.

Equipment Donations Needed

Reduce that clutter in your basement! The ILA would like your help in getting our younger players set-up with the equipment they need to get started playing.

Please bring your old helmets, pads, gloves, sticks, handles or jerseys or any other equipment you would like to donate in to your coach. You may also leave any equipment you wish to donate at our locker at The Field facility and we will make sure it gets to one of our younger players.

2001 Turkeyshoot Tournament

Congratulations to our Turkeyshoot tournament teams and coach Mark Wenham and his group of volunteers for another great lacrosse festival this year! Ithaca has been the host of the Turkeyshoot Tournament since 1992. The festival is held in November each year and has grown into a two-weekend, four age-group, lacrosse festival for both male and female lacrosse players from ages eight to eighteen. For more on this great tournament, check out this great website: "www.turkeyshoot.clarityconnect.com" Below are the scores from the Fall 2001 games:

Varsity - Ithaca(1) (Older Varsity Players)
Round 1 (W) Ithaca 5 - Watertown 4
Round 2 (L) Ithaca 4 - Corning East 6
Round 3 (W) Ithaca 6 - Ithaca(2) 5
Round 4 (W) Ithaca 4 - Webster(2) 4
Round 5 (L) Ithaca 4 - Hamburg 9

Varsity - Ithaca(2) (Younger Varsity Players)
Round 1 (W) Ithaca 2 - Frontier 3
Round 2 (L) Ithaca 2 - Nottingham 6
Round 3 (L) Ithaca 5 - Ithaca(1) 6
Round 4 (W) Ithaca 8 - Watertown 5
Round 5 (L) Ithaca 4 - Guilderland 9

Junior Varsity
Round 1 (L) Ithaca 7 - Skaneateles 8 (OT)
Round 2 (L) Ithaca 12 - Lafayette 12 (OT)
Round 3 (W) Ithaca 9 - Amherst 2
Round 4 (W) Ithaca 11 - Penfield 6
Round 5 (W) Ithaca 11 - Syracuse Scorpians 3

Round 1 (L) Ithaca 0 - Capitaland 11
Round 2 (W) Ithaca 3 - Amherst 0
Round 3 (L) Ithaca 3 - Corning 2 (OT)

Round 1 (L) Ithaca 5 - Hicks With Sticks 9
Round 2 (L) Ithaca 6 - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Round 3 (L) Ithaca 6 - Tully 10

Round 1 (L) Ithaca 5 - Chenango 7
Round 2 (W) Ithaca 8 - Dryden 7
Round 3 (L) Ithaca 10 - Green Lakes 11

Round 1 (L) Ithaca 5 - Binghamton 6
Round 2 (W) Ithaca 5 - Fairport 2
Round 3 (W) Ithaca 7 - Skaneateles 6

Round 1 (L) Ithaca 2 - Penn Yan 7
Round 2 (L) Ithaca 0 - Skaneateles 16
Round 3 (L) Ithaca 2 - Fairport 10

Please note that we will also be sending out a snailmail copy as the need arises. We are asking for our members to submit news or brief articles which will be interesting to the lacrosse community to include on this part of the website. Some of the announcements posted on this page will also be emailed out to targeted members.

Also please note that the Board of Directors for the ILA will reserve the right to edit all submitted information prior to posting it on this website.

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