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It's everything you need to know about American History but never learned. The audio cassette is read by author Kenneth C. Davis. To enter the daily drawing for this FREE Gift, CLICK HERE.

Waterproof, airtight, permanent, resealable Time Capsules are used by universities, churches, and individuals who wish to preserve their own history for future generations.

The most celebrated and beloved naval hero in British history gave his life for the Empire during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Shop for Nelson's Hourglass, Nelson's Wedding Rings, and a scale model of HMS Victory.

London, the 1960s. It was home of two secret agents extraordinary, Emma Peel and John Steed, saving the world with icy sexiness and martini-dry wit - never without the Wangee-Handled Umbrella.

The original London Police Whistle (invented by Joseph Hudson) was accepted as standard issue after tests on Hampstead Health in 1883 indicated the whistle could be heard two miles away!

Her mysterious poise, grace and style was captured in Princess Diana's trademark sunglasses, available in either tortoise shell or classic black.

Beginning in 1837, the Victorian Era saw Great Britain become the most powerful nation in the world. Victoria herself was a very skilled artist, her sketches were very detailed and her water colours were extremely well done. Shop for the Queen's Water Colour Field Box.
"History Company is a shopping destination like no other. It is a remarkable place where you can discover, enjoy, and find inspiration in the wonderful things that connect us to our past."
       -- Kenneth C. Davis, Author
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Wimbledon Towels Christy's original Turkish Towels, supplied courtside at the All English Lawn Tennis Club Championship matches.


Henry Poole Tie The Savile Row tailor since 1822, “Old Pooley” will set you right with a traditional Royal Crest necktie.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Pipe The Peterson of Dublin pipe honors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary sleuth.

Ascot and Henley

Ascot and Henley Spectator Picnic Hampers inspired by the Royal Ascot horse race, and the Henley Regatta boat race.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell Weathervane Inspired by the immortal dog, “Trump,” first of the noble British strain of fox-hunting terriers.

Town Crier

Town Crier Bell From the original Whitechapel Foundry, this bell has announced public meetings and calls of alarm for 400 years.


The Queen's Table From the heart of England's metal works, Arthur Price supplies silver service to the Royal Family.

Stateroom Lamp

Stateroom Lamp Reproduction of lamp from the Captain's cabin of HMS Guerriere, battleship of the war of 1812.

Tartan Blanket

Tartan Blanket Since 1783 MacNaughtons of Pitlochry has weaved the finest blankets and throws in all of Scotland.

Travel Clock

Ocean Liner Travel Clock The 30s era Cabin Clock is a supremely well made epitome of Edwardian excellence, by Grants of Dalvey since 1879.


Snug Pub Games Pop round the local tavern for a quick pint and a few games of Bagatelle, Skittles, and Shove Ha-Penny.


England Rugby Team It takes balls to play rugby, as they say, and Gilbert makes the official blue and red ones.

Pipe Smoker

Dunhill Smoke Shop Since 1907, Alfred Dunhill has operated a pipe and tobacconist shop on Duke Street.

Berry Bros

No. 3 St. James Street For 300 years, Berry Bros. & Rudd has supplied wines, liquors, and elegant glassware for drinking.


Beethoven's Altar That's what he called his Broadwood Piano, serving the greatest composers of Europe since 1740.


The Black Stuff Guinness Stout is the oft-called Vitamin G. Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 pints a day.

Museum Lion

British Museum Lion It shelters one of the most comprehensive collections of art and artifacts in the world.


Fancy a Cuppa? Twinings received the Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria for the supply of tea to both royalty and commoners.


Lionheart Chess Set Pieces are based on the Third Crusade, launched in 1189 by King Richard the Lionheart to free the Holy Land.

Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill
“We shall never surrender!” Churchill was a man whose words could strengthen, whose will could inspire. Shop for Sir Winston's Pen, Despatch Box, Umbrella, Walking Stick and favorite Cigars.

RMS Titanic

The legend of the Titanic began long before the ship was ever built, as White Star Line contracted to supply fittings for the ship's luxurious first class accommodations. Shop for authentic Titanic furnishings, produced just as they were in 1912.

The Old Course

St. Andrews Links has borne witness to 600 years of golfing history, and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club was founded here in 1754. Shop for St. Andrews authorised accessories.

The Union Jack

The historic flag was created by King James VI in 1603, combining England's red cross of St. George with Scotland's white cross of St. Andrew.

The Beatles
Lads from Liverpool

Corgi Models celebrate the legacy of the Beatles, the most influential personalities of the Century, with Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour Bus.

British Bear

Beatrix Potter Games

Pollock's Toy Theatres


Sailing Games

Test Yourself
Shaving Collection

Kent Brushes

Woods of Windsor

Yardley of London