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Kelkar Joins EMF as Optical Coating Engineer June 17, 2003 -- Parag V. Kelkar was appointed optical coating engineer at Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) Corporation. His responsibilities include designing optical coatings and production processes. (More)

Sroda Joins EMF as Business Development Engineer June 17, 2003 -- Thomas R. Sroda was appointed business development engineer at Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) Corporation. His responsibilities include developing new capabilities for thin film applications in the visible and infrared portions of the light spectrum. (More)

EMF coating guides Pacifica May 2003 -- The release of the Chrysler Pacifica marks the first instrument display with an integrated satellite navigation system. This innovation was made possible by an EMF beamsplitter coating, allowing the navigation information to be projected on the surface of the display and the instrument data to be transmitted from behind the acrylic screen. The Pacifica is now available at Chrysler dealerships across the country.

Daniel Brophy appointed Quality Coordinator. April 2003 -- EMF is pleased to announce that Daniel Brophy has been appointed Quality Coordinator. Dan has extensive manufacturing experience in quality systems and component engineering. Prior to joining EMF he worked for Northeastern Electronics, TRW and Syracuse Electronics Corp. Dan holds an AAS degree in Electrical Technology from Onondaga Community College.

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