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Building #3
Coal Yard Apartments
Phase II (2012)

143 Maple Avenue
Ithaca NY 14850
607 273-5929

**CURRENT RESIDENTS: For current maintenance or service requests, please click this link, fill out the request form and submit it to us. We take pride in addressing problems promptly.

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  Building #3

Building #3 is a 4-story, 24-unit building of similar extra spacious and upscale design, construction and appliances as Building #2.

The arrangement of apartments is similar on the four floors of the structure.
On each floor, there is one 1-bedroom apartment of 745 square feet (clickable link to floor plan of Apt. #24),
two larger one-bedroom apartments of 805 square feet (clickable link to floor plan of Apt. #23 ),
The X-3 and X-5 units are back-to-back units that are mirror images of each other.
one 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment of 950 square feet (clickable link to floor plan of Apt. #21),
one 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment of 1,285 square feet (clickable link to floor plan of Apt. #22),
and one 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartment of 1,615 square feet (clickable link to floor plan of Apt. #26).

NOTE: Please contact us for the rental details. Only a few apartments are available for 2015-2016 as many are being renewed by the current residents.

Rental Rates  For the 745 square feet 1-bedrooms range from $1,620 to $1,800 per month including utilities, except for electricity and TV and landline services. The larger 1-bedrooms (805 square feet) range from $1,685 to $1,800. The 2-bedroom, 1-baths, range from $2,025 to $2,265. The 2-bedroom, 2-baths, range from $2,410 to $2,620. The three-bedroom, 2-baths range from $3,045 to $3,380 per month. Assigned parking spaces are available for rent in the heated basement of Building #3 ($1,400 per year) and in outdoor parking spaces ($500 to $700 per year). Parking spaces are available on a first come-first serve basis.

Features of Building #3

Convenience Features

  • Elevator serves all residential levels and the garage
  • Heated garage spaces available
  • The roof-top terrace is available to all residents of the Coal Yard Apartments.
  • Clothes washer and dryer located in the utility room of each apartment
  • Coal Yard Café located at entrance to driveway
  • T-CAT buses stop at entrance to driveway on Maple Avenue

Spacious rooms

  • High ceilings
  • Large closets with tall birch doors
  • High levels of sound insulation between units
  • Cabinets in kitchens and baths of solid cherry or rock maple with natural finishes
  • Granite counter and vanity tops in kitchen and baths
  • Pull-out easy closing shelves in kitchen base cabinets
  • Red oak, natural finish wide baseboards and door trim
  • Bathrooms equipped with water-saving, non-clogging, ADA-approved toilets
    These were rated as #1 by a leading consumer magazine!
  • Floor plans available on-line

Every apartment is equipped with energy saving appliances

  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • En suite washer and dryer in the dedicated utility room

Floor coverings to suit use

  • Porcelain tile in the entrance vestibule, kitchen and bath(s)
  • Dining, living room and bedroom areas, have New York State hickory flooring painstaking installed with alternating width, full-thickness boards

Sophisticated Safety Features

  • Full fire detection and extinguishing systems
    ***Sprinkler system throughout the building
  • Building access restricted to residents
  • Locked mailboxes located in the building lobby
  • Intercom located at building entrance for visitor identification that allows residents to admit callers to building electrically
  • Each unit equipped with 4-digit electronic deadbolt lock for security

Environmental Considerations

  • Lots of insulation in all exterior walls
    ***Green energy efficient design and construction
    ***Double pane windows
  • Heat recovery system extracts heat from building exhaust air and transfers the heat to fresh air that supplies the building corridors.
  • Sophisticated highly efficient heating and cooling system
    ***Super high efficiency gas boilers heat circulating water throughout building for heating
    ***Roof-top cooling tower cools circulating water throughout building for cooling
    ***Each apartment equipped with heat pump and quiet circulating system to maintain chosen temperature throughout the unit
    ***Each bedroom and living room / dining area is equipped with an energy efficient, quiet ceiling fan and light

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Slide Show of Coal Yard Apts. Bldg. 3 (Plus a Photo of Bldg. 2 from Bldg. 3)


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