Lightlink Auction


In the near future we will be putting up colocation space at our Roy Parks facility for bidding. There will be a limited number of spaces offered, and bidding will be done through a web page interface that will allow bidders to see what the present bids are.

Colocated machines will have a space on the top part of a double stacked set of tables. The bottom table will have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Cisco 1900 switch for packet protection, and computer switch to direct the monitor keyboard and mouse to each of the machines on the upper
part of the table. Intel based machines only at this time.

Access will be 24x7.

The user is responsible for uninterruptible power supplies, tape backups and of course the computer base and disk drives etc.

Machines will be connected to a T1 -> T3 -> Internet connection.

Bandwidth monitoring will be free and available on our home page.

Bidding will include monthly fee plus contract length in months.

Winning bids must pay full contract length up front, but may get unused portions back if they leave early.

At the end of the contract term, the space will reopen for bidding again, the present user may of course rebid for the space they are in.

There is no minimum bid, and no minimum contract, although we reserve the right to refuse bids without explanation.

The above rules may change pending comments from our users. :)